Friday, 12 April 2013

Hijacking For Your Own Personal Gain - Margaret Thatcher's 'Death Party'

Margaret Thatcher
Whilst the 'Margaret Thatcher death party' has not happened yet (as it is scheduled to take place on Saturday at Trafalgar Square, London) I am writing this in anticipation of the event. I do not wish to go into too much detail about those celebrating the death of the former Prime Minister, as Thatcher's reign has evidently split public opinion and I do not want that to be the main focus of this post. Instead I write about the speech vocalised by the London
Mayor - Boris Johnson discouraging any of those attending the 'party' from rioting, which will no doubt end in the destruction of property, looting and some individuals getting hurt or killed (as seen in the 2011 London riots). Why I write about this is because it annoys me that certain people would hijack an event or
cause (and I by no means condone the celebration of Thatcher's death - even though I was no fan of her's - I simply speak in general) for their own personal gain. Whether it be to deliberately cause social disorder or participate in looting, it is unfair to ruin the occasion for all the other attendees who are peaceful in their conduct.

Scenes during the London riots.
I saw this with the tuition fees protest in London about 2 years ago, when around 5% of those who attended, starting causing mayhem. Building windows were smashed, fires were started, flares were set off and in a few instances 'TORY SCUM' was spray-painted onto walls and poles. Of course, the media got wind of it and made it out to be that all the students who attended the event were violent hooligans. As a result, the actions of just those 5% of protesters caused the actual purpose of the march to be forgotten and the whole event seemed a waste of time.

So I use this upcoming event as a potential example of how a small minority's actions can effect the perception of an event, and I hope we will not see scenes similar to the tuition fees protest or the London riots. My message? Don't let the minority ruin it for the majority.


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